A Selection of Dharma Talks and Guided Meditations

Dharma Talks

Join our listeners from around the globe for Lisa’s dharma talks and guided meditations on Soundcloud.

GPS and The Dharma Navigation System

Gratitude and The Two Arisings: Love and Emptiness

Lovingkindness and Interconnection Featuring My Octopus Teacher (new talk)

This talk explores how patience, constancy and trust with the unknown can bring us to tenderness and true interconnection. Inspired by the Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher, Lisa explores these teachings through this powerful and moving example and her own dharma experiences.

Skillful Ways to Work with Thought in Meditation

Dharma Steps for Meeting Fear with Wisdom and Equanimity

Taking Refuge and Guided Metta During the Time of Caronavirus

The Confluence of Emptiness and Compassion

The Dharma of Giving and Receiving

Saying Yes, the Cabin in the Woods (a talk on trauma)

Attention is the Beginning of Devotion

The Dharma of Gratitude: Deepening Connection to Life

Guided Meditations

Compassionate Heart Guided Meditation

Spaciousness of the Breath

Mind Like Sky

Meeting Fear with Compassion

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

The Emptiness of the Breath

Guided Lovingkindness Meditation

Lisa’s Essays and Articles