Buddhist Psychology Workshop

Saturday, June 6, 9 a.m. – Noon, Online Retreat
Led by Lisa Ernst

Dependent origination, also known as Buddhist psychology, stands as the Buddha’s deepest insight into the nature of suffering and liberation.

Buddhist Psychology provides us with a map of the inner terrain of mind and heart. Not simply a concept, but a way of living life, a path to liberation that we can experience and wake up to right now. In this class we will explore the links of dependent origination, emptiness, and the path to transformational insight. You will gain a deeper understanding of how all things arise in dependence on multiple causes and conditions and how your practice can help you break the cycle of suffering.

The class will include instruction, experiential practice and discussion. Cost is $50. We are offering several reduced fee, $25 spots for anyone who needs financial support. You can pay at the Paypal link below or by Venmo @onedharma. Instructions for paying by check are here. For questions, email onedharmaretreat@gmail.com.