This will be an experiential retreat. All levels of experience welcome. More information coming soon.

Lisa Ernst is a meditation teacher in the Thai Forest/Spirit Rock lineage of Ajahn Chah, Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman. She has been meditating for 30 years in the Zen and Vipassana traditions. Lisa is the founder and guiding teacher of One Dharma Nashville and she teaches internationally and leads retreats and classes throughout the U.S.

Along with his extensive experience and training in meditation, David Cabrera incorporates many years of Martial arts studies: MMTCP Graduation Class of 2021, 2 years Chen Taiji Qi Gong Practitioner and Instructor, 15 years to present International Tiancai Chenjiagou Federation USA under SIfu Kam Lee, CCT at Vanderbilt Divinity School under William Thiele PHD, Integrative Somatic Exercises for Trauma – Under Pawan Bareja 2021 Chen Taiji and Qi Gong teacher , at DU 20 , Delray Fla. 2012 through 2015, Instructor at One Dharma Nashville 2019 to present,Co-Founder of the Nashville People of Color Sangha