Mindfulness Meditation Workshop for ADHD and Anxiety

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop for ADHD and Anxiety
Led by Lisa Ernst and Terry Huff
Saturday, January 19, 9 a.m. – Noon
Nashville Friends House

Lisa Ernst, meditation teacher and founder of One Dharma Nashville, and Terry Huff, LCSW, psychotherapist and author of Living Well with ADHD, will offer a workshop on meditation for adults with ADHD and/or anxiety. The workshop will include lecture, practice, and discussion and will address the following:

1. Why meditate for ADHD and anxiety?
2. Basics of practice
3. Different practices for
a. selective attention (focusing)
b. open awareness (expanding)
c. compassion (for self and other)

Research shows that mindfulness practice improves concentration, attention regulation, self-observation (of mental activity), working memory, and emotion regulation.

The workshop will be held at The Nashville Friends House, 530 26th Ave N. Cost is $60 and is due by the January 16 registration deadline; after $75. A reduced fee option is available to anyone who can’t afford the full fee. Paypal is below. If paying by check, instructions are here. A confirmation email with additional information about the workshop will be send in advance of the date.

Contact ernst.lisa@gmail.com or tmhuff@comcast.net with any questions. Terry’s book is available at terrymhuff.com.