Cultivating Wise Attention: Awakening into Insight and Emptiness

A Retreat with Lisa Ernst

Wednesday 6PM on September 22, 2021 – Sunday 12 Noon on September 26, 2021

Heartwood Retreat Center, Blue Ridge, GA (not affiliated with Heartwood Refuge Retreat in North Carolina)

All of our joys and sorrows, thoughts and feelings arise and fall away in a field of awareness that is clear, expansive and open. In this retreat we will explore how mindfulness, concentration and emptiness support each other. We deepen the capacity to rest in awareness and create a wider container to meet even our most challenging and stressful thoughts and emotions with insight and compassion. These practices also stabilize concentration (samadhi) and strengthen insight (prajna). This retreat is designed to invigorate and nourish, not only our meditation practices, but also our daily activities.

This silent retreat is suitable for all levels of experience. It will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, daily instructions, dharma talks and private meetings with the teacher.

This retreat will include a special dharma transmission ceremony for Gareth Young. Full information and registration here.