Intimate with Life: Awakening with Breath, Body, Heart and Mind

Led by Lisa Ernst, September 13 – 15 at St Mary’s Sewanee

In this silent meditation retreat we will stabilize attention and deepen meditative concentration through the breath and body, then gradually open our awareness to the boundless space of mind and heart. The retreat will include mindfulness, open awareness and compassion practices. These practices help us cultivate a quality of compassionate presence that embraces even our most difficult experiences with equanimity and insight. The practices also empower and support us in our challenging everyday lives. As we awaken from the illusion of separateness, we experience intimacy and interconnection with all things.

The retreat fee includes teacher compensation and private rooms are available. Scholarships are also available if you need financial assistance. We will begin the evening of Friday, September 13 and complete the retreat by noon Sunday.

St Mary’s is convenient to many areas of the Southeast, about 1.5 hours from Nashville and 2.5 hours from Atlanta. All experience levels are welcome. More info and registration here.