Intimate with Life
At Home Residential ZOOM Retreat with Community
Thursday Evening, April 16 – Sunday Noon, April 19, 2020
Led by Lisa Ernst


“Enlightenment is Intimacy With all Things” ~ Dogen

This silent retreat will offer a similar format as an in person retreat but will provide flexibility to accommodate the reality of home practice with partners, kids or others in the house. (Everyone is welcome to follow the full formal schedule, or participate in the Zoom sessions only). As our days are filled with uncertainty right now, this is an ideal time to strengthen the foundation of your practice to support how you meet these challenges. Through Zoom we will be meditating in community and supporting deepening our practice together. Each day the teacher will offer morning instructions, an afternoon dharma discussion, and evening Dharma talk and guided meditation. See sample daily schedule below.

This retreat is suitable for newer as well as experienced meditators. It will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, instructions, dharma talks, q&a and private meetings with the teacher. All you need is a quiet space in your house and a device with a ZOOM connection. Since we’re all spending more time at home these days, this is a good way to deepen practice and then carry it over with less transition time when the retreat is over.

This retreat is offered on a sliding scale of $125 – $200. We understand many are struggling financially at this time and are offering reduced fee spots to those who need them. Email There will be a separate opportunity at retreat’s end to make a *dana offering (donation) to the teacher. A scholarship spot is available if you need financial assistance. Email with questions. Payment can be made by Venmo @onedharma or at Paypal at the button below.

Lisa Ernst is a meditation teacher in the Thai Forest/Spirit Rock lineage of Ajahn Chah, Jack Kornfield and Trudy Goodman. She leads workshops and retreats nationally and is a visiting teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

*Dana: According to the Buddha, generosity, or sharing what we have, is one of the central pillars of a spiritual life. In the act of giving we develop our ability to let go, cultivate a spirit of caring, and acknowledge the inter-connectedness that we all share.

The retreat begins at 7 p.m. CST Thursday evening. A technical check will be held at 4 p.m. Thursday for all attendees. If you can’t meet at that time, please let me know.

Daily schedule Friday and Saturday CST [times in bold below will be held via Zoom] Non bolded practice segments are recommended but optional.

6:00 a.m. sit

6:30 walk

7:00 sit

7:40 Breakfast

9:15 – 10:00 instructions and sit

10:00 walking and optional sitting

11:00 sit

11:40 walk

12:00 Lunch break

1:30 sit

2:10 Walking or guided movement

2:50 sit

3:30 walk

4:00 dharma discussion and sit

5:00 walk

5:30 Dinner break

7:00 dharma talk and guided meditation

8:00 walking and open meditation session

Note: One on one meetings with the teacher will be scheduled during the non-Zoom group sessions.


6:00 a.m. sit

6:30 walk

7:00 sit

7:40 Breakfast

9:00 sit

9:40 Break

10:00 Closing Circle